tl;dr: I will countdown the days until my writing program starts in September by decreasing the number of words in my flash fiction pieces by one, every day. This is an exercise in discipline, but it is also to prove to myself that I’m not a big, fat imposter.

I have mostly avoided blogging because of my weak (read: horrible) knowledge of how to internet and also general anxieties about presenting my work for anyone to see (anxieties that, I know, are not uncommon for many writers); however, I will be moving to Vancouver to start the MFA in Writing program at the University of British Columbia in five months, a highly competitive program to which I still can’t believe I was accepted, and so far my attempts to write every day without any form of accountability has resulted in a very lax discipline.

I will be in a program with other people, presumably with more experience and a bigger portfolio, and I need to feel like I belong in that world. It’s time to put those anxieties aside.

The intention of this blog is to help me develop a strict discipline of writing every day, out there for the whole world to see, and to help generate ideas and stories that I can take with me on my two year journey through my degree.

So here’s the deal. Until September 1, my official first day at UBC, I will write a piece of flash fiction, every day, staying at a strict word limit (starting at 146 words, the number of days from now, April 8, until September 1). Each day I will decrease the number of words by one. A doomsday clock of words, if you will.

Themes, categories, and prompts for the pieces will vary, probably to the extreme, probably depending on mood.

Well. Here we go, wish me luck.

(P.s. The beautiful beetle logo on my page is from a friend and wonderful artist, check him out http://jaktattoos.tumblr.com/)