64 words: Sunrise – Part I

Sunrise. The aching light peaks its head over the sleeping city. Industry workers stumble out of otherwise empty bars – their night having only begun when everyone else’s ended. Someone is running, their padding feet over pavement the only sound to accompany the cooing birds. Dew glistens off grass. The promise of the day, a comforting whisper hanging in the air of empty streets.


I’ve missed a couple days in a row. It’s crunch time for the book (we’re turning it over for the boss’s approval on Wednesday. Holy. Shit.), and this week has just generally been emotional chaos. I was running on fumes. But, that’s no real excuse. I suppose that is just the ebb and flow of life. It’s busy. There’s no way around it. SO, I have written a three parter in order to make up for the slack. The day’s are dwindling, and the words with it.


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