81 words: There’s No Police

He was the most honest version of himself in partially deserted parking lots. It was the safest place they could meet without eyes on their hands, where they dared to place small kisses. Heat rose from hot asphalt, shopping carts sat around them like land mines. He smelled like sandlewood and soap. There’s no police between two beating hearts sang from car speakers. In sweatpants and his cheeks rubbed raw from scrubbing, he pretended they were always this cradled in warmth.



2 thoughts on “81 words: There’s No Police

  1. Wow, wow! Seriously, I loved this. You are gifted, and your post was more impressionable in 81 words than most are in 800. Was an easy decision, following your blog.
    I would love for you to check out my recent post, “Unexpressed,” and let me know your thoughts. And if you like it enough, perhaps you’ll consider following my blog. (: http://whirlysquirrel.wordpress.com/

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