85 words: As I Age

As I age, I want a face lift. I don’t want anyone to be able to count the amount of hours I’ve spent in the sun. As I age, I want to travel. I want to keep my freedom to move as I please. As I age, I want to be pain free. I don’t want to hurt from the aches and scrapes on my body and mind. As I age, I will keep creating. I won’t be pushed to the outskirts, unseen and unheard.


We see a lot of weird stuff working in Millwoods. This particular library branch has an attached Seniors and Multicultural centre, which is an area for the oldies to get access to various resources (but I think, for them, it’s just a sweet place to chill with other oldies). I like to hang out here sometimes because the people are really nice and also the coffee is terrible, strong, and only a dollar. Anyway, above is a small collection of some of the things that are written on a board when you walk into the centre titled “As I Age.” It made me feel a lot of different things. It was funny, sad, and heartwarming all at once.


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