92 words: 21 Fathers

“Why do you walk?” asked the man.
73,000 steps in the daylight.
For the pavement, for the rhythm, for the beat.
“Why do you walk?” The news cameras flash.
90,000 steps in the dusk.
To see the moon set to my left and the sun rise to my right.
“Why do you walk?” The ocean and the sand watch, too.
100,000 steps by a dim phone light.
For the fathers, for my children.
“Why do you walk?” he asked himself.
To move forward, to keep from sliding back.
The inspiration for this post came from following the progress of this cool dude walking from Point Danger to Cairns in Australia (150 kms a week for 100 days), rapping and doing shows along the way, to raise awareness for dad’s who have been denied access to their children, and to support access to mental health services for these men.
The mental and physical strain this project would take is unfathomable to me, but it’s such an awesome cause to speak for. Check out more about his story, his talent, and his progress here.


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