94 words: Western Classics

Holden Caulfield held Harry Potter in a headlock, trying to coax the magic out of him.
“I could change the world!” Harry coughed, “but I won’t do magic without permission.”
Tom Sawyer tugged at his tight collar, shaking his head.”That is not good table manners at all.”
Jay Gatsby sat on the sidelines, trying to capture his dreams in a bottle. “You boys are after the wrong things!” He cried.
Holden let go of Harry and slumped to the floor, figuring that they, at long last, had become the phonies he sought to escape.


I’ve spent about a million hours at work today with my coworker/author of the book, talking excitedly about chapter titles, themes, and intertextuality in a way that makes me both laugh and shake my head at myself. She floated the idea of tying our protagonist to those in some of the classics because of the various similarities and larger considerations this presents to readers. So I thought about them for a while, and came up with this. Now, back to the book.


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