100 words: Potter’s Field

They buried the ash-filled urns in a special area in the city called Potter’s Field. Some of the urns had been found in garbage cans, some under trees or park benches. Most were left behind in abandoned apartments, condemned houses. Some urns were beautiful and ornate, some were simple boxes, scratched and worn.

There was a specific procedure at the police station for such items: held for thirty days, taped, tagged, then sent off to the field. The holes weren’t deep. A local senior volunteered to place them in the dark earth, giving the unwanted ashes a place to rest.


This is an actual thing that happens. Apparently, it’s quite common for urns to be left behind and thrown away, hence the police procedure involved in dealing with them. Crazy, creepy stuff. Obviously, that stuck with me. I feel a horror piece coming from this.


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