105 words: Schizophrenia

He heard heavenly, angelic voices and saw glitter in the sky. Everything was perfect and he was the centre of attention. He walked through the city, stopping at intersections, listening to the sounds of the sky. Everyone he came into contact with gave him positive, supportive words of attention. The birds sang his name over and over.
He approached a man mowing his lawn and asked him, “Is God here?”
The man replied, “God is everywhere.”
The schizophrenic was elated at this response. He felt like the man truly understood him. Satisfied, he walked away, fully immersed in his psychosis, and headed toward his home.


This could be considered erasure fiction, or just simple, downright plagiarism. Much of this is an actual passage out of Austin Mardon’s Tea with the Mad Hatter, a book about Austin’s experience living with schizophrenia. I’m learning a lot about mental illness, and becoming really aware of the stigmas attached to them, the wrongful assumptions people often make. I’m only a week into my writing internship, exhausted, and full up.


One thought on “105 words: Schizophrenia

  1. Love reading your blog everyday, it’s like the newspaper for most I pick it up to read it first thing in the morning. If I have to miss my morning read I catch it when I get back from the field. It’s an interesting path your on and when you stop and follow the path that brought you here, you see how it’s all coming together. Very proud of you, thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

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