109 words: The Voyage

I inched quietly toward the trees, as if I might wake the looming creatures from a deep sleep. The smell of pine and dirt got stronger with each step. I looked behind me to my safe, cream-white house. The sun was still high above it. I wished in that moment for dad to come out, cigarette in hand, and yell at me to stay in the yard. But I needed to find out for sure. I felt certain that in entering the forest, there was no way left to go but deeper and deeper in, until the swell of brush swallowed me up and spat me off the earth.


I took a writing workshop with Third Verb today, headed by writer Jessica Kluthe, and we worked on crafting strong scenes. It was an awesome class, very well put together, and I HIGHLY recommend Edmonton writers to get involved, if only to support a project that is extremely supportive of local writers/creatives (but mostly because it was just awesome).
This is a condensed version of something I started. I’m hoping to build it into a workable short story, but in the meantime I feel like I have some more material for my countdown project, which is a bonus. Stay tuned. 


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