119 words: She Would Have

She would have woken up to light peeking through the curtains; she was never able to close them exactly right.
She would have nibbled at her morning toast, making a note to pick up meat from the shops after work.
She would have gone to work and complained about the heat wave.
She would have forgotten about the meat after a long day, promising herself to do it tomorrow. There would be time tomorrow.
She would have brushed her teeth thoroughly that night.
She would have slipped into her cool sheets and had the reoccurring, momentary flash of fear about the monster in the closet.
She would have closed her sweating eyelids and reprimanded herself for the childish thought.


I used the list randomizer for my prompts today: “meat” and “monster in the closet.”
I’m still preoccupied with the events from the last few days. I talk to a new person every day with a another horrible story about their evacuation. Amazingly, their attitudes are all positive. My friend, though displaced herself, thinks only of the other people from her city. She’s volunteering to help wherever she can, buying urgently needed items for the people sleeping on cots and floors. I’m really glad this kind of person still exists in the world. It gives me hope for the rest of them. 


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