122 words: Modern Day Magic

The sun shining through the trees cast dark freckles on the barn’s face. She liked to visit this place for the silence, the portrait of vines taking over the man-made structure. She gathered Wild Gooseberry, her lungs. A handful of Mountain Holly leaves, her liver. Chokecherry branches, her legs and feet. Honey Locust pods, her heart. She spread these pieces of herself around the barn, extensions of her body sacrificed to the dirt and wind. Barbarian, her mother would snarl. Pray to the God that gave you life. But she would disagree. She prayed to no God, just the sun, the swaying branches, the medley of Nature’s sounds. She didn’t seek the purpose of life anymore, just an understanding of her own.


I have magic on the brain. Leftover, no doubt, from my Harry Potter day. I also went for a walk in the River Valley today. The weather was beautiful and it just seemed right. Being in the city, it’s nice to escape to silence every once in a while. I also used a couple of random prompts, since I haven’t challenged myself with that in a while. They were “Freckles” and “Barbarian.” This list is thanks to Kyle, who uses the prompts in his own, very ambitious, writing challenge. 


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