126 words: Coffee Art

M pointed to the art in the coffee shop, her mouth open like she was catching snowflakes on her tongue. B took her to the same coffee shop where he had taken the others. He marveled at M’s reactions: unabashed, unrestrained. She was young. B enjoyed her lack of cynicism.

M giggled gleefully at the scandalous art: body parts painted by breasts, shadow art in the shape of penises, reverse graffiti.

They sat at the counter. M’s small fingers traced an etching in the laminate, worn and soft like fur: B+K. Her brightness dimmed. She turned to a beautiful painting of the city hanging next to her. It was made with urine and animal blood. She choked back her coffee and milk, souring in her throat.


For more information regarding bizarre forms of modern art, I suggest you do as I did and lose yourself in a google/wiki/youtube hole. You will see some of the strangest pieces of art(?) the internet has to offer. 


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