134 words: The List

Karen made the lists every day. Lint roller. Packing tape. Things she needed to pick up. Dish soap. Things she needed to do. Wash face. Eat toast, side of grapefruit. She woke up in the morning with the lists. Call to schedule appointments. Read. And added to the list after every step was finished. Go to grocery store. The items and chores popped into her mind without thought or effort. Organize bathroom cupboard. Once a task was on the list, she needed to complete it before moving onto the next one. Fertilize garden. That was the way it worked. Eat lunch. That was the order. Program TV show. One day, something new was added to the list. Find the light. Karen started on this next errand as carefully and precisely as she always did.



I’ve sort of buggered the writing every day thing by posting this past midnight, so it’s technically tomorrow. But, I’m a night owl, so any time between midnight and 4am still counts as my day.
I had a hard time writing today. I worked really long hours the past couple days/nights and my brain didn’t want to work. Prompts did not help, and in the end I didn’t use any. But I’m glad that I pushed myself anyways, because I like what I’m trying to do here. I need to work on titles, but this one is aptly named “the list” because I repeat it about a billion times in the story. 


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