140 words: Man, made machine.


There was nothing fun about the experiment.

“Close your eyes. Otherwise they might pop out.”

Richard squeezed his eyelids shut, feeling the tickle of lashes on cheeks. He prayed it wouldn’t work, that he could take his hundred bucks and leave this white room.

The laser skimmed his body, scorching hot and getting hotter. The bleached air filled with the smell of singed flesh. Richard went limp, his eyes flickering open, still moving but with less light now. The red stripe turned to the treadmill. The digital display lit up and the belt started to move, the power cord dangling unattached from the wall.

“Success!” The Scientist punched the air in jubilation. “Look how far the human race has come!” He turned to the machine, the tread belt spinning into a blur, the smell of Richard ripe in the air.



The prompts used today were pulled from the List Randomizer and were “Human consciousness transferred to mundane machines,” and “gym equipment.”

I very much enjoyed writing this one because it is so different to what I would normally write about (So far: growing up and various forms of love). I’m hoping to do this a little more frequently: step outside my comfort zone a little bit and see what happens. 


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