1 word.




I knew at the beginning of this countdown that this was going to be my last story. “Tomorrow” was supposed to have been the last story before my first day of school (if I had written every day like I was supposed to). Instead, it is week three. Tomorrow, I have a poetry class that I was terrified to start, and am now completely in love with. Tomorrow, I have nonfiction stories to peer edit. Tomorrow, I will be hanging out with friends that I didn’t know three weeks ago and already adore. Tomorrow, I will fall a little more in love with this city.

I’m a little sad this countdown is over. It has tracked a lot of important time stamps for me over the last three months. But I guess it’s time to move onto something else, something new. Thanks for coming along on this ride with me.




10 words: Ordinary Fears

She kept living it – the ordinary fears of everyday life.


This flash piece was inspired by a poem read during our orientation that talks about ordinary fears and ordinary/extraordinary life. I can’t remember the poet or the name of the poem (there is so much info crammed into my brain right now), but if I remember it, I’ll mention it later.

This week has been nuts. An entire week of orientation has left me completely exhausted. It was a lot of long days with a tonne of information, so the intake of that was heavy. But it was also a lot of socializing for a big group of introverts, so it was exhausting mentally/emotionally too. I think I was asleep by ten every night. Anyways, next week the REAL anxiety of being in actual workshops begins, so that’ll be a whole new adventure.